The billionaire genius who Tony Stark is based on wants humans on Mars within 15 years

The world knows him as Elon Musk — co-creator of PayPal, founder of Tesla motor sports, and CEO of SpaceX, the first private company in history to send a spacecraft to the International Space Station. But according to director Jon Favreau, Musk also served as an inspiration for billionaire-genius Tony Stark, of the Iron Man franchise. What would you say if we told you that the real-life billionaire genius who inspired the characterization of Tony Stark wanted to put a human on Mars within 15 years? There's been a lot of talk recently about putting a human on Mars, and not just in the wake of Curiosity's arrival there Monday morning. Last September, NASA unveiled the heavy lift rocket that Obama claims will deliver humans to the Red Planet by the 2030s, and the Mars One project is talking about sending humans on one-way trips to Mars starting in the 2020s.Continue.....


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