The Artificial Heart Is Getting a Bovine Boost

SCIENTISTS have long searched for a durable artificial heart that can work as efficiently as the one supplied by nature.Cow tissue will be used on surfaces of membranes — represented by elliptical shapes in this rendering — that touch the blood. Now Carmat, a company based in Paris, has designed an artificial heart fashioned in part from cow tissue. The device, soon to be tested in patients with heart failure, is regulated by sensors, software and microelectronics. And its power will come from two external, wearable lithium-ion batteries. Fifteen years in development, the heart has been approved for clinical trials at cardiac surgery centers in Belgium, Poland, Saudi Arabia and Slovenia, where staff members are receiving training and patients are being screened, said Dr. Piet Jansen, medical director at Carmat.  In France, where the device is not yet cleared for human implantation, regulators have requested more animal tests, Dr. Jansen said; those tests are continuing.Read More...


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