Mobile phone breath test can check for signs of cancer

The disease breathalyser is not new. The concept has been around for a few years and even Toshiba has come up with a gadget that can 'smell' acetone, an indicator of diabetes. But researchers at Owlstone Technologies in the UK are developing a miniature breasthalyser that can be adapted to mobile phones and help doctors identify diseases, such as cancer, earlier. The technology works thanks to a tiny microchip that is programmed to recognise chemicals associated with illnesses such as colon and lung cancers, diabetes and even tuberculosis. The inventors explained to The Daily Mail that the technology is based on the Lonestar device, which was developed by the same company and looks like a tablet with a smell analyser. Lonestar has been used successfully in trials to detect the presence of smelly chemicals in urine vapour and could replace the diagnostic test for colon cancer and lower the number of unnecessary colonoscopies. The still-unnamed mini breathalyser may hit the shelves in 2016, becoming one of the first a portable, easy-to-use devices that helps monitor our health at home, diagnose symptoms before disease develop, and start treatments earlier. Who wouldn't want to have one?Read more...


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