New organic, water-based batteries offer cheap, renewable energy

Not only are these batteries long-lasting and built from cheap, sustainably produced components, they'll make it more viable for power plants to use solar and wind energy.
Built by researchers at the University of Southern California in the US, the batteries are designed for use in power plants, allowing them to store energy on a large scale, and deploy it as needed. 
“The batteries last for about 5,000 recharge cycles, giving them an estimated 15-year lifespan,” said one of the team, professor of chemistry Sri Narayan, in a press release. “Lithium ion batteries degrade after around 1,000 cycles and cost 10 times more to manufacture.”
The design of the batteries is similar to how a fuel cell works, with two tanks of electrically active materials dissolved in water. Most current battery designs use metals and toxic chemicals as their electrically active materials, but the team wanted to find an alternative that would be cheap and have a minimal impact on the environment. 

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